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Akin Ross Successfully Managed a Busy Retail Office with Employees at Multiple Sites

Akin Ross is a New York based business professional having more than a decade of experience. He started his career as an Assistant Director, at Boys & Girls Club Inc, where he supervised daily operations. Later, he worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a Branch Manager, where his duties comprised of the following: Assisted the current employees in order to prepare them for various promotional opportunities, and also held the responsibility of both educating & training new employees in the areas of company policy, and duties. Managed 25 employees at multiple sites within the busy retail office. His duties also included sales, human resources, analysis of competition, and customer service.  Performed successful outside sales by marketing Enterprise Rent-A-Car to new organizations in an effort to increase additional business as well as search different growth opportunities.Responsible for training and development of management trainees & assistant branch managers. His responsibil…