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Akin Ross Has Received Various Sales Achievement Awards and a Leadership Award

Akin Ross can be best described as a mentor leader who puts people as his utmost priority in. It is generally believed that mentor leadership can be taught and learned much conveniently, but in order to be absorbed, it needs to be practiced. You will have to jump into the fray. Akin Ross focuses on developing the strengths of individuals thus building the leaders for next generation. He accepts the fact that if you lose the sight of people, you will eventually lose the site of leadership. He truly feels that building a successful organization demands a culture that brings the best out of each individual on your team.

Akin Ross is a well accomplished, competitive and result driven sales manager with 15 years of significant experience at three of the top largest companies in the nation. He has a great expertise in exceeding sales quotas thus documented a great accomplishment record of sustained success and strong background in business management.

Pertaining to his education and achievem…